Magnesia On The Meander - Magnesia Ad Maeandrum

Magnesia On The Meander - Magnesia Ad Maeandrum

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Yayınevi Homer Kitabevi
Yazar Orhan Bingöl
Çeviren Ayşe Çalık Ross
Barkod 9789944483032
Tedarik Süresi 5 iş günü
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Magnesia On The Meander - Magnesia Ad Maeandrum

These archaeological guides are written by well known archaelogists with the thought that they might evoke the spirit of these places for those who are interested in remains of Anatolian civilizations.Illustrated with beautiful photographs, equipped with helpful plans and drawingis,they are essential to travellers to Turkey.To those who enquire how long the excavations at Magnesia are expected to continue O. Bingöl is in the habit of replying, "I have drawn up plans for the next 400 years but beyond that I haven't considered yet!"He does thes xill confront archaeologists at a site like Magnesia will never end and to emphasize the difficulties and problems he encounters in trying to carry out his plans. In this guide, we present the informationabout earlier researches on tne site as fell as the results of excavations, the results of a very long program. Our aim is to present a clear picture of how different historical periods can be examined comprehensively in Magnesia, which was protected under the natural covering and thus not obliterated by the remains of more recent periods and cultures.
Dil İngilizce
Kâğıt Cinsi Kuşe
Cilt Tipi Ciltsiz
Basım Yeri İstanbul
Yayın Tarihi 2007
Baskı Sayısı 1. Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı 204
Ölçü 12x21,5 cm
Çeviren Ayşe Çalık Ross
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