Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits

Kargo Bedava

Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits

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Kargo Bedava
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Yayınevi Oxford University Press
Yazar David Bell
Barkod 9780195425239
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Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits

A New Edition of a Classic Text
Intended for introductory courses in electronics, this authoritative text provides comprehensive coverage of all important electronic devices generally available today, while showing how each device is used in appropriate circuits. A wealth of practical examples and hunderds of practice problems and review questions allow ample opportunity for students to test their comprehension of key concepts and hone their skills.
Improtant Featurs
- A straightforward, no-nonsense approach that makes even difficult concepts crystal clear
- A new chapter on active filters
- Numerous examples of practical circuit design, using currently available devices and standard-value components
- A comprehensive supplements package that provides additional resources for instructors and students alike
- David A. Bell taught electronics at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, for many years prior to his retirement, and continues to write and teach in the field. His texts have been published in many countries around the world and have sold hundreds of thoussands of copies through numerous editions.
- About the Cover
Electronic devices provide a vital underpinning not only for modern life on earth but also for human efforts to explore outer space. In the cover photo, taken in September 2006, Canadian astronaut Steve MacLean and colleague Dan Burbank crry out work on the International Space Station during a space walk high over Eastern Canada. The well-known "Canadarm" - featuring remote manipulator technology developed in Canada for the space shuttle and space station programs - can be seen at the upper left.

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Cilt Tipi Ciltli
Basım Yeri Amerika
Yayın Tarihi 2008
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Sayfa Sayısı 982
Ölçü 20,5x26 cm
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